Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yes on Proposition 8 Campaign Files Response to Jerry Brown

Yesterday, the official campaign for Proposition 8 filed its response to the California Attorney General's theory that even though Proposition 8 is a valid constitutional amendment enacted by a majority of Californians it is nonetheless invalid because it violates inalienable rights.

The Prop 8 Campaign responded that the highest authority in determining what will be part of the California Constitution is the people, and the judiciary must so defer. Read it here.


Pearl said...

I am so glad they have responded to Jerry Brown's fishy flip-flop. I also appreciate AP Check's response to the media coverage of the Proposition 8 response. Read it here.

Anonymous said...

It was before I moved from Boston to California, but when Jerry Brown ran for governor there was a saying....

If it's Brown... flush it down.

Whenever I get discouraged and think that my efforts are not amounting to much, I look at Jerry Brown and realize what a difference one life can make on a nation.