Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good is Evil and Evil is Good

Is it 1984? It must be since Newspeak has officially replaced the English language. Words like "morality," "tolerance," "good," and "evil" mean exactly the opposite of their definitions. So it is with this unbiased (sarcasm) report released by the American Psychological Association which details the negative effects that Proposition 8 has had on society as a whole. As reported by the anti-family Edge:

"In its Introduction, the report noted that, according to the APA’s three studies, released earlier this month, residents of states where voters have approved anti-gay ballot initiatives have suffered elevated stress as 'a direct result of the negative images and messaged associated with the ballot campaign and the passage of the amendment.'

"Study respondents also disclosed that they were /alienated from their community, fearful they would lose their children, and concerned they would become victims of anti-gay violence."

Where is the study from the APA detailing the effect of the actual (as opposed to the No Crowd's speculative "fears") violence and alienation from the community that those who supported Proposition 8 have experienced? Where's the report detailing the effect of the No Crowd's intolerance for religion?

The propaganda never stops, but luckily many of us can see right through it. I'm sure this is only the first of many reports which will be released to convince everybody of the benefits that gay "families" will have on society.


Kurt Keyser said...

As a linguist, I've been particularly disgusted by the way our language has been modified by these groups to allow more and more immorality to abound. Where will it stop? I've always believed "good" would be called "evil" and "evil", "good" but to have almost all derivations of these divisions eroded as well is sickening.

Anonymous said...

The same thing will happen to marriage if the definition is allowed to change.

op-ed said...

I am not surprised homosexual practitioners feel alienated or oppressed in the wake of elections to support marriage. While campaigns in support of the man-woman criteria focused on the importance of marriage, the campaigns against focused on homosexuality, painting the man-woman criteria as existing purely to oppress the homosexual community. I am not surprised those who bought into this fear mongering are now suffering stress.

As for the one-sided nature of the studies that were done, I am not surprised by that either. What does surprise me is that people continue to consider the APA, or any other organization with a chapter dedicated to the advocacy of "LGBT concerns," to be at all scientific, unbiased, or even authoritative.