Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Google Fails to Practice What It Preaches

I thought Google's motto was "Don't Be Evil"?

Google has filed an amicus brief in several legal challenges to Proposition 8, which make gay marriage illegal in California.

The company argues that it has many gay, lesbian and bi-sexual employees and many come to work for the company because they can get married in California. If those marriages are annulled then the company says it would lose key talent and be placed at a competitive disadvantage.

“In the wake of the election many were concerned with the impact Proposition 8 could have on the personal lives of people they work with every day, and on California's ability to attract and retain a diverse mix of employees from around the world,” said the company on its blog.

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Anonymous said...

It may well have had a negative impact on the personal lives of a few gay couples but the long term effects on society has been averted. At the moment marriage remains relatively intact.

Bartski said...

I wonder how many families would have left California, had Proposition 8 failed? I was definitely leaning that way. And if it is overturned by the courts, I may still do so.

Granted, I'm not nearly as "creative" as my homosexual counterparts out there. But I do have a higher education and many years of experience, so there will be at least a slight loss to the California labor pool if I leave.

Pearl said...

And what about all the millions of people using Google products who are feeling betrayed by Google's endorsement of gay unions? Is Google not jeopardized by the possibility of good people everywhere moving on to other browsers and platforms and tools? Customer satisfaction really has taken a turn for the worse in our country if a company is more worried about offending its employees then its customers.